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I was never really a shy person but neither a loud person. I don’t think I struggle with confidence but some things I just close up and sit back. Which I guess is normal…

Anyway, the point I was trying to bring up was ‘Believe in yourself’, which can be seen from the title. Sometimes people aren’t the best at something or good or amazing at it and they beat themselves down for it, even if it’s there first time they are doing that activity. I have a friend, she is not the best at a game of rounders but is incredible at art. During a P.E ( Physical Education, for people who don’t know what it is, basically sports) we were playing the game and she missed the ball not once but twice. My friend was so sad because she thought she embarrassed herself in front of the whole class and didn’t want to have another go. That day she didn’t play again but she did say she tried which was fine by me.

I deal with these emotions too, feeling rubbish because I’m not good at something but I have learned to laugh,I don’t know if it this is a good or bad thing, I just laugh it off or try again and have fun with it! It is much easier for me to deal with that feeling of failure. Honesty, I don’t even know what I’m saying but I am happy I shared it.



Yesterday, I went to a paint balling arena with my friends for their (they are twins by the way) birthday party. It was great fun but surprisingly it hurt more than I thought it would. I thought it would hurt but not give people bruises! I would post picture of some of the bruises but they aren’t the prettiest thing in the world. Anyway we ate loads of pizza, party rings, chicken… e.t.c

But I found that when getting them (lets call one twin Turnip and the other Pampers, very random names) each a present, it was quite hard to find something that was equal, like one not better than the other, if you know what I mean! You get me? (Comment below if you do get me) So, I compiled a list of how to get twins presents…

1. Don’t make one better than the other, it’s not very nice for someone to think you like them better then someone else. 2.Try give it a touch of them to it, you know like if Pampers likes foxes buy her a fox belt and then buy Turnip a belt of an animal that she likes, maybe… I don’t know….                                                                                                                         3. Pay close attention! They might be twins, but they might not like the same things, for example a colour or pattern. Turnip might not like the colour green but Pampers does, so remember that…

It is your choice on what you get twins for their birthday.Also, there’s a picture of what I got Pampers and Turnip for their birthday, they were originally plaGifts fir twins!nt pots but I decided to turn them into jars and pop in their favourite sweets.

Hello, I’m Inner Awesome 24…

Ok… Here I am. I guess I have to tell you why I made this blog …

1. Out of pure boredom

2. Always thought about having one

3.  I don’t really know

Another question I need to answer is ‘Why did you pick that name, Inner Awesome 24?’

Well, curious person.. it was because I just thought people need to express what their talent is and show the world what they can do with that special power they have which I call your Inner Awesomeness! Also by picking the name ‘Inner Awesome 24’ people will know what this blog is about and be able to read how to find their own unique special power!

‘What will you be blogging about?’ another inquisitive person asks…

I’m planning and thinking about writing experiences I have had, how to find your inner awesome (this is a very important one), interesting things I have thought about and just random cute,cool, awesome things!

So… see you there and come on this amazing journey with me, Inner Awesome 24!

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