Ok… Here I am. I guess I have to tell you why I made this blog …

1. Out of pure boredom

2. Always thought about having one

3.  I don’t really know

Another question I need to answer is ‘Why did you pick that name, Inner Awesome 24?’

Well, curious person.. it was because I just thought people need to express what their talent is and show the world what they can do with that special power they have which I call your Inner Awesomeness! Also by picking the name ‘Inner Awesome 24’ people will know what this blog is about and be able to read how to find their own unique special power!

‘What will you be blogging about?’ another inquisitive person asks…

I’m planning and thinking about writing experiences I have had, how to find your inner awesome (this is a very important one), interesting things I have thought about and just random cute,cool, awesome things!

So… see you there and come on this amazing journey with me, Inner Awesome 24!